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Le Président

Montage, Avid,

Regie Jean Pierre Bekolo, Produktion Jean Pierre Bekolo sarl Kamerun

und Kristina Konrad Weltfilm Berlin, Dokufictionfilm 65 min, Canal plus afrique

OPEN DOORS Filmfestival Locarno 2012.

Vorpremiere in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs:
Donnerstag 13. Juni 2013 18:30 Uhr Kino Arsenal Berlin


After the Arab spring, we're still waiting for black Africa to rebel. But heads of State who have been in power for decades will not go easily. Film must use its aesthetic and narrative potential to play a role in the African democratic process.
The film takes shape around activism, but without losing its light touch. It asks questions about the responsibility of those in power. "The President" is an allegory about the men who run Africa. We know they all like to see themselves as wild beasts - panther, crocodile, lion - if not as gods of Africa. The President tries to clear a place for film in the arena of African politics, where truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. (weltfilm)