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Black Stones

Montage, Avid

Regie Usama Ghanoum, Produktion doxbox Diana El Jeiroudi und Usama Ghanoum, 48 Minuten, Syrien, Deutschland 2017

For two years, two hospital workers in Homs documented life during the siege of the Syrian city. As freedom fighters clash with Assad's troops, 7,000 residents are trapped in the middle until they are finally allowed to leave in 2014. Two thousand don't make it out. We see people hiding and running between buildings—walking can be fatal in a city filled with sharpshooters. With the regime's soldiers attacking daily, bullets and bombs continue to flatten the city. But even under these extraordinary circumstances, life goes on between the rubble and dust: there's still joking around, gardening, playing in the snow, watching soccer or just having a laugh. And get ready for some real gallows humor in the Homs promotional video the cameramen decide to shoot, which praises the ruined city as a fine vacation destination. (idfa)


Welturaufführung am 17. November 2017 in Amsterdam
IDFA Competition for Midlength Documentary und
Shifting Perspectives: The Arab World


















The film takes place in the sieged neighborhoods of the Syrian city of Homs, in the period between early 2012 and late 2013. The film focuses specifically on the field hospital. Within the film we see several facets of the day to day life, including, the daily movements and commutes of people amid the on going bombardmen

ts, and how the injured are being treated in the field hospita





l. The film also shows us the other side of the daily life, the smiles and the jokes and how people normalized the everyday bombings.